Wilderness adventures and destinations for family fly fishing vacations, and hunting in British Columbia.

Sumanik's Sanctuary

Hunting, Guiding, Outfitting

Your outdoor wilderness hunting adventure begins in the heart of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in the hunting of Moose and Black Bear. The possibilities of harvesting White-tail or Mule Deer, Elk, Wolf, Wolverine, Bobcat and Coyote are real. We do arrange Cougar and Lynx hunts during the winter.

We also can co-ordinate a northern BC-Yukon trapline adventure. Other winter activities include snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. Summertime activities include fishing, canoeing, boating, biking, wildlife viewing, bird watching and photography. The lakes have rainbow trout and kokanee. One can watch birds of prey such as eagles and ospreys enjoying their fill. Pelicans, swans, loons and herons are also commonly seen among the beaver, mink, muskrat and otters.

Our hunting, guiding and outfitting territory includes and surrounds Finger-Tatuk Provincial Park. This region is located on the northern portion of the Cariboo and Chilcotin plateau. Highways 16 and 97 will bring you to the well maintained forestry roads leading to Sumanik’s Sanctuary. The Prince George airport is less than three hours away .

We offer hunts by spot and stalk or calling from a stand. Vehicles, ATV’s, canoes or boats are also used. Hunting of waterfowl, upland game birds and snowshoe hare is an enjoyable diversion. Logging to harvest the beetle kill forests has now created tremendous moose and bear habitat because of the fresh young vegetation that has sprouted in these openings.

We accommodate hunters of all ages and abilities. Our pricing reflects that we are operating out of wall tents. We have toasty wood stoves and inviting campfires which generate great stories. For more comfort there are six resort and lodges less than one hour from our boundaries.

Our best black bear success is in the spring, April 1 – June 15, although they can also be taken in the fall. The best time to hunt moose is from Sept 15 to Oct 15 during the rut. All hunts are traditional fair chase and of the highest integrity.

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