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The Region

Unwind in Big River Country, land of sparkling lakes and clear rivers, from the Nechako River on our northern boundary, to the Entiako and Blackwater rivers in the south to the Dean River at the most southern edge of our region….all beckon you to come. Come slip your canoe into the water and drift into another world, a world away from the stresses of everyday life; find adventure in nature’s jewels, Tweedsmuir and Finger- Tatuk parks, or just sit back and relax while absorbing the view and the quiet from the porch of a rustic log cabin or lodge….your music will be the wail of the loon, the call of the red-tailed hawk, the scream of the bald-eagle. You’ll awaken to the cheerful chatter of a red squirrel; whiskey-jacks will tease you around the campfire; a moose, deer, bear, coyote or fox may step out when least expected, thrilling the senses; perhaps the elusive wolf or cougar or one of the other furbearers: lynx, martin, mink, otter, beaver, weasel or the wary wolverine will make a guest appearance ….all call Big River Country home. Marvel at nature’s palette of colours as you walk through a grove of aspen where the Indian paintbrush, arnica, columbine and wild roses create a perfect bouquet. Under the pines your attention will be drawn to the striking coral roots, dwarf dogwood and a host of small shrubs; kinnikinnik, wintergreen, prince’s pine, blueberries and twin flower with the graceful and pungent junipers interspersed for accent. This is Big River country. Come, and experience true wilderness hospitality you won’t forget.

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