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Climate and Weather

Climate & WeatherBig River Country south of Vanderhoof, BC has many different elevations and geological formations. The area includes a variety of mountains, hills, lakes, wetlands and rivers. Because of this variety, weather systems can be localized to each area. You can be sitting on the shoreline of a lake sunning yourself and watching a rain storm go by on the opposite shoreline.

Big River country has four definite seasons for all to enjoy.

Spring in Big River Country offers a perfect opportunity to observe the awakening of the forests, wildlife and the return of migrating birds to the area. From the bird sanctuary in Vanderhoof to all the forests, lakes, creeks, wetlands and fields, you will be able to see the rebirth of life in Big River Country.

Average Spring weather:

March: -6.8 to +4.0C (19.8-39.2F)

April: -1.6 to +10.3C (29.1-50.5F)

May: +2.6 to +16.3C (36.7-61.3F)

Summer in Big River Country is great for the outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, fishing, canoeing, ATVing, bird watching, sitting around a campfire, wild life viewing, and boating are some of the many activities . We also offer quiet, peaceful fresh clean air, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, and spectacular rainbows.

Average Summer weather:

June: +6.3 to +19.6C (43.3-67.3F)

July: +8.0 to +22.0C (46.4-71.6F)

August: +7.1 to +21.0C (44.8-69.8F)

Fall in Big River Country sees the passing through of the migratory birds on their way south and the vibrant colours of the landscape as nature gets ready for winter. Fishing is excellent at this time of year and the flash of red in local waters is an amazing site as you watch the Kokanee salmon spawning. Farther into the wilderness hunters have the opportunity to fill their freezer for their families.

Average Fall weather:

September: +3.3 to +16.3C (37.9-61.3F)

October: -0.2 to +9.6C (31.6-49.3F)

November: -6.7 to +0.7C (19.9-33.3F)

Winter in Big River Country is a wonderful time of year. You will find lots of fresh white snow, bright sunshine, and crystal blue skies. Walking, snow-shoeing, skiing, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and wildlife viewing are some of the outdoor pastimes for you to enjoy.

Average Winter weather:

December: -11.9 to -3.9C (10.6-25.0F)

January: -15.1 to -6.3C ( 4.8-20.7F)

February: -11.2 to -1.1C (11.8-30.0F)

Your hosts at the destination of your choice can give you up to date weather information or for current weather in Vanderhoof click here:

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