The Region - Big River Country -Nechako River adventures


Geography“Nechako” is a derivative of the Carrier word “Incha-Khoh”, meaning “big river”. The area we refer to as “Big River Country” is the Upper Nechako and lies within the expansive Nechako Plateau, part of the larger North Central Interior Plateau. The topography of the Nechako Plateau is dominated by gently rolling hills. This feature is broken in its southern reaches by the Fawnie Range, Jerryboy Hills, Nechako Range and Tatuk Hills and to the north by the outcroppings of Greer, Copley and Bungalow mountains. A remenant of ancient volcanic action, the coneshaped Cutoff Butte north of Knewstubb Lake, is a historically significant landmark indicating a prehistoric aboriginal trail that “cut off” the big bend in the Nechako River for travelers following the river corridor. Three major rivers, the Nechako in the centre, the Blackwater in the south, and the Entiako in the west, have carved wide fertile valleys into the Nechako Plateau. Close to 1000 lakes, big and small, dot the landscape, and the waters of several of the numerous streams and creeks cascade down in beautiful waterfalls.

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