The Seasons

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”
--Bible: Ecclesiastes

The seasons, the simple tilt of the earth’s axis as it revolves around the sun, account for the rhythms of the natural world-from spring’s vegetative unfurling to winter’s white wonderland.

We experience the seasons with anticipation of what is to come, the shifts of light and temperature, growth and harvest, life and decay. And yet still, with all our experience, we are often suspended in disbelief at the self-sustaining processes of the natural world.

Here, in the northern hemisphere, our four distinct seasons are a metaphor for what is cyclical and ever changing. Just below spring’s waxy green sprouts is the sweet autumn scent of leaves. Just behind the ruby snow-covered depth of mountain ash berries is the searing glow of an august sun. The seasons allow us to see the layers and the propulsions of the natural world, the old inside of the new, the emergence inside of the retreat.

From seed to blossom, egg to wing, harvest to decay, we are reminded of what is in balance and in flux, from equinox to solstice, every plant, insect, fish, bird, reptile and mammal on this planet respond to the changing of the seasons.

Ultimately, the seasons show us a bit of ourselves. They are a macro image of the constant state of regeneration and connectedness we experience in our lives.

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