FallYou know fall is arriving when the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the air has a crispness in it; warning of cooler temperatures to come. Many travelers now bring rifles in place of fishing rods; hoping to fill their freezers with prime moose meat or deer. Just because hunting season is opening though, doesn’t mean that the fish are gone. Bring a rod along to pass in the afternoon.

Along with humans; bear are getting ready for winter by eating as much as they can to fatten up. Stashes of pinecones collected by busy squirrels can be found under trees and woodpiles; their way of preparation. Trumpeter swans and Canada geese return to the area till the snow arrives.

Hikers during this season are rewarded with the brilliant colors of fall. Gold, red, and green grace the branches of the deciduous trees as they move into their dormant winter state. Tamaracks, fireweed, and grasses all join in changing color, giving the landscape yet another view.

Along with hiking, hunting, and fishing; canoeing, ATVing, and bird watching can still be pursued. One point of interest in Big River Country in fall is the spawning kokanee in Finger Creek. These “land lock salmon” swim from lake to stream, laying and fertilizing their eggs. The dying fish entice eagles and bear to the water for easy meals.

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