SpringSpring is a time when our land begins to reawaken after a “long winter’s nap”. Starting in March and lasting till May; it slowly melts away the snow and ice revealing nature’s remarkable ability to survive the sometimes bitter cold. The deciduous trees are ripe with the promise of budding leaves ready to unfurl and blow in the gentle breezes once again. If you gaze over the hillside, you will see bright green splashes in the vast forest; the new growth of the evergreen and deciduous trees.

The warmer temperatures open up the trails for hiking once again. The many waterfalls in Big River Country make for spectacular sight seeing as these same falls are at their peak during this season. If bird watching is for you; grab those binoculars and observe the return of the Canada geese, trumpeter swans, western grebe, and various ducks. You will more than likely also catch glimpses of the many bald eagles and osprey in our area. The more common animals that you may encounter this time of year are moose, deer, black bear, and grizzly bears. Bear hunting is quite popular in Northern BC at this time of year. Perhaps you prefer something a little “messier”? Why not try out the many trails on an all terrain vehicle.

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